Minecraft Seeds Xbox 360 Creeper

A look into the world of Minecraft, with the seed code: Creeper.

The world seeds are custom codes that generate the worlds in minecraft, if you don’t put a seed code in then you will get a random world to play on .

All of the seeds are case sensitive and will not work if you don’t include capital letters

The seed we will be using in this episode is CREEPER (all capitals)

Use the map axis to find locations:

X: -79, Y: 71, Z: 248, Spawn point: This spawn point is weird, it starts you of and a one block on the side of a cliff and right in front of you is a huge opening to a cave system.

X: -73, Y: 65, Z: 233, This is the location of the cave system and its a huge one! As soon as you step into it there’s quite a lot of iron veins and loads of coal, explore deeper and you will get lost much like i did, but i did find a few diamonds so it might be worth a hike

X: 103, Y: 70, Z: 379, This location is a very small island with only 4 trees on and has a land mass of around 200 or so blocks, could be an interesting challenge to see if you can survive on limited resources….

X: ,137 Y: 78, Z: 226, This point on the map as an interesting land formation where you are on a ledge surrounded by mountains and overhangs making it look like an evil villains cave or something.

This world has many awesome areas to explore and one of the caves seems to have around 7 different entrance’s/exits

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