Minecraft – The Short Summary

This is a short summary of minecraft – The sandbox game made by Mojang.

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks, well, was. Now it is more of… sorta your imagination! You can build almost everything you want to, and it is awesome!

It is still in developement, so there are lots of updates with new, exiting content in it to check out. But with new updates comes bugs. There are several bugs in this game, but none of them are majorly gamebreaking. Some bugs even are helpful for redstone mechanics.

Redstone mechanics is wires in the game that can be used to create everything from simple loop clocks to massive 4K ram computers and minigames.

If you enjoy the game ‘Garrys mod’, you are definately going to love this!

Link below:

Link: http://www.minecraft.net/

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