Mirror’s Edge Two Popped Up on Amazon and Ea’s Site

Mirror’s Edge two had pages online for a short time on Amazon and EA’s help site.

There have been a lot of rumors about the development of Mirror’s Edge 2 and recently some rumors have been added thanks to some small leaks on different sites.
First of all Mirror’s Edge 2 was listed on Amazon Germany for 99.99€ and for the Xbox 360. And after that it was listed on Amazon Italy for the Xbox One. EA responded this to it:

“We appreciate fan enthusiasm for Mirror’s Edge, especially fans throughout the retail channel. This is not official EA material. We have nothing to announce at this time.”

And secondly a help page for Mirror’s Edge 2 was found by the user Ekim on Neogaf. The page seems to be a blank template that they also use for all their other games.

All these listings might mean a good thing, it might mean that we’ll get some news about Mirror’s Edge 2 soon, something which me and a lot of other Mirror’s Edge fans have been waiting for.
However there are some concerns for PC and PlayStation owners. The listing only showed Xbox 360 and Xbox One, does this mean that it will be an Xbox exclusive? Considering Microsoft said that they’ll have some exclusive for the next gen this isn’t too far of a stretch. And a price tag of 99.99€ also seems pretty expensive.

But we have to keep in mind that this is all speculation based on a tiny bit of leaked information, it might all be wrong so we’ll have to wait for EA to give us some real news.

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