Monte Python and The Holy Grail

Since I last talked about "The Meaning of Life" I figured why not watch the holy grail? The things Python can think of.

On my last post I talked about Monte Pythons, “The Meaning of Life” and well… It was unique.

The Holy Grail 

Just like “The Meaning of Life” The Holy Grail is another random film by Python to entertain the masses. In the Holy Grail, a few adventurers decide to go on a quest to, you guessed it, find the holy grail. Throughout the movie, and throughout the quest is more jaw dropping footage of epic randomness at it greatest, and as it is less weird I would recommend this to be your starting film if you are new to Monte Python.

…And by the way the actual reason I wrote this was because when I applied to NAU a little while ago, one of the security questions, you know those “security measures” that only succeed in keeping you out, was “what is your quest?” Since I had just watched the film decided to go the smart alack route and put “to find the holy grail”. When I submitted the site told me “As much as we appreciate your reference to Monte Python we cannot accept that as a valid quest”. 

As slightly irritating as it was to change it… That made my day.

That is all.

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