More Playstation Four Accounts Hacked Money Stolen for FIFA Points

Hackers are running wild, more PSN accounts getting hacked.

A user on called Spiritualized_80 registrere today to report that his account was hacked and money was taken out and into the PSN wallet for FIFA points purchase at 5 a.m when he swears he was “bloody well asleep”.

This is not the first occurence of PSN accounts getting hacked recently for FIFA points, as a matter of fact FIFA has been the reason many accounts get hacked, even on Xbox. Earlier this month we reported about PSN accounts getting hacked, and you guessed it, FIFA is the game to which these unauthorized transactions are being made.

The user Spiritualized_80 made this post about his situation:

I woke up this morning to email 5 confirmations made at 5am for wallets credits and then FIFA points (whatever the hell they are). 

I can tell you I was bloody well asleep in my bed at 5am this morning and no intention of playing FIFA. 

The transactions seemed to have been made online, that tracks IP/Locations right?  I’ve changed my password and deleted any card details linked with PSN.  I can tell you now it’ll never see another card linked to it cos frankly I’m freaking out.

I phoned the bank, but because the transactions haven’t fully cleared they can’t file a fraud claim, that I can understand.  So when I can finally submit a claim, the banks can help right?  They can check that the wallet funds were purchased in a location OTHER than were I was?

Merry Xmas to the little effing chislers who stole my money.  Show me to keep card details online, live and learn.

Live and learn is just about the only thing you can get from this… Later on he reported Sony locked his account to which he isn’t very pleased, understandably so, but it is for the security of his own account and for Sony to be able to validate and maybe check the source of this hack.

Best of luck to Spiritualized_80, may you get your money and account back.

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