My Imagination

A little sneak peak of a book I’ve been planning to write.

It was a sunny afternoon Sam was sitting in the park she was a short 17 year old lean girl with blond hair and dark green eyes, The kind of girl who live at home and not much ever happens. She was sitting on the park bench reading a magazine{she wasn’t very interested in tabloids}feeling groggy and tired she headed to the corner store to get some coffee, but when she got to the corner she stopped to just look at the place for a minute. it was the kind of place the looks a hundred years old and is run by somebody who is at least that. You know dirty peeling brown paint and windowas covered so think in grime you cant see past the other window sill. and of coarse the owner  Mrs.reader was an old lady with a crackly voice who probably watched the civil war from her front porch drank tea, and made bets, but she was a nice old lady always happy to see somebody in her store sweet even bought me a candy every now and then when i was littler. i always used to try and sneak into her store and not trigger the cowbell alarm above the door but always managed to trip the iron cowbell alarm and be greeted by “oh hello Sam i didn’t know you were stopping by today”. that’s Mrs. reader hears like a bat. anyway Mrs. reader way a sleep in the back so i just left a few pounds on the counter and headed out still tripping that dang cowbell above the door but careful enough i didn’t wake Mrs. reader as Sam headed outside she spent about five minutes just gazing at the clouds wondering if anything exciting would ever happen to her “well careful what you wish for Sam”…tbc

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  1. Posted April 11, 2009 at 3:38 am

    great one.i back soon to read more

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