Neverwinter Full DPS Cleric PvP Guide

Break the meta, FULL DPS Cleric, 100% to 0% a fighter in just two complete combos. The ultimate PvP guide for one of the best PvP classes in Neverwinter.

The Cleric is one of the most OP classes in Neverwinter. While most people would think that clerics are weak and cannot do as much damage as the leading dps classes, this build changes things.



High Burst

High DPS

High Survivability


Low HP pool

Now for the feats and masteries.

Put all of your skill points into damage skills. Put only a few into healing.

Make sure all of your equipment is +power.

In the PvP arena, focus the rogues and the mages on the enemy team, you should be able to kill them easily.

Next, put all of your stats into strength and intelligence. This will allow you to kill people very easily.

I hope you enjoyed this guide.

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