New Mob in Minecraft Announced

Info about the upcoming mob in the Adventure Update.

A few days ago notch finally leaked some info on a mob that will be in the great ‘Adventure Update’. While he got frustrated coding the town genoration he decided to make a new mob. He wanted it to be scarier than the creeper. The creeper, isn’t all that scary except for the fact that they are always watching you, even when none are in plain sight. This new mob will be skinny, long skinny arms and legs, it will be 3 blocks tall, and it can pick up blocks and move them around. This new mob will be called the Endermen. The name derived from the Slenderman. The Slenderman, however being not real, can still get you so paranoid that you wont want to walk outside alone anymore. He is very tall, arms are very skinny, so are the legs, he has no face, its all white. He is always watching you. Even when you aren’t aware of it. He can get inside your head and freek you out very easily. The new mob however, it is passive unless you look right at it. By right at it I mean actually placing the cross-hair onto it. When you do that it will stop what it’s doing and stare back. Nothing more. But. If you happen to look away after that he will come at you at fast speeds and attack. Running wont do you any good either. He can teleport once every second. He has a black texture, with small, white, beady eyes similar to that as a skeleton but they’re white. 

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