NSA Spying Online Games

NSA spying online games.

Not only telephone and internet connection , U.S. intelligence National Security Agency ( NSA ) was also spying on the popular online multiplayer game . This is revealed through a number of secret documents obtained by the Guardian of the former NSA contractor , Edward Snowden .

The secret agency had infiltrated a network called Xbox Live which has over 48 million players . NSA agents also transform themselves into the player in the game Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ( MMORPG ) World of Warcraft and Second Life . There are also efforts to recruit informants from among gamers .

Personnel from other government agencies , such as the FBI and CIA also spy on online gaming . Since the number of NSA government agents , give any hint that they do not spy on each other between one and the other .

For what NSA enter the world of online gaming ? The goal is not far away from the search for terrorists . NSA document written in 2008 that called the gaming community as ” a communication network in which many ‘ targets ‘ intelligence can hide away ” .

In addition to people who are actively involved in the organization of terrorism , ” targets ” including another Iranian nuclear scientist , the Chinese hackers , as well as members of Hezbollah , and Hamas .

Online gaming is suspected of being used by the media ” to communicate targets and launder money through the game economy .

National Security Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

The NSA then tried to obtain information about the player behind the character profiles are suspected in the gaming world , such as photos , location , and recording conversations . Combined with data from other social media such as Facebook and Twitter , as well as other networks , the NSA can obtain a comprehensive profile of the social interaction that is done by a “target ” .

The document does not mention if the NSA spying is never uncover terrorist activity in the world of gaming as previously suspected . There is also no evidence that terrorists actually wear online gaming as a medium of communication . But this secret agency never suppress a site that used to sell stolen credit card , according to the results of intelligence in the gaming world .

NSA intrusions into the world of online gaming is done without permission . A spokesman for Blizzard , World of Warcraft developer , said it knew nothing about espionage in the game . ” If anything , it was done without the knowledge or permission of us . “

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