Guild Wars Two Merching Secret Items! on THE Rise Secretly Make Gold Easy Today with These Tips!

These particular items have jumped up in price Some of them have discontinued which could mean major potential gain. There are currently 33 of them still in circulation too this date.

This is a Secret Merchanting tip it has been designed so that you will earn tons and tons of gold just from buying one item, within a few years it will be well over 100 gold so you should definitely buy these items while they’re at its current price as it is easily reachable.

All you need too do is buy it and sit and wait for a while for it too rise in price so you can sell it again, this is an item barely anyone knows about and will hopefully earn you lots.

A huge tip is making the most out of holiday events like Christmas and Halloween because items like skins (which have rose loads since the halloween event) go up in price well after the event because it means that another year has too pass for the content again, and each year the content is different which means that the content is ‘Off Limits’ and discontinued making the items even more valuable because they become unobtainable. So when their are events buy your good cheep like consumables and skins and just wait for them too rise! This is one of the best tips i can give you as i made well over 200 gold from merching over christmas.

Another item that is slowly on the rise is ‘Candy Corn’s’ i bought them during the halloween event where they were well around 1 copper each and they appear too be slowly creeping up about 1 copper every few weeks, so if you buy about 4-40 stacks you should make a fair profit. If you waited till all the way upto next halloween with loads of them they will spike in price before the halloween event so that would be the perfect time too sell them off and earn your gold.

Thguie next item is ‘Giant Wintersday Gifts’ this is a good item as its consumable and many people buy them too attempt too get the ‘Unbreakable Bell’ which is well over 60 gold at this current date and other skins from christmas means that the demand for this item is huge so you should soon buy yourself some while they’re still low in price.

——————————- List of items that will slowly rise in price if you hold onto them for long enough.

Mystic Chest

Candy Corn

Giant Wintersday Gift

Slingshot Skins and Princess Wands Skins (Other wintersday weapon skins)

Trick or Treat Bags


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