Massively Blizzcon 2013 : Opening Ceremony and Presentation of World of Warcraft

BlizzCon 2013 is currently underway, and is expected to be the big news of the people at Blizzard, such as more details on Diablo III expansion Souls Reaper.

BlizzCon 2013 is currently underway, and is expected to be the big news of the people at Blizzard , such as more details on Diablo III expansion Souls Reaper .

a part of big MMO gamers , anxiously waiting opening fifth World of Warcraft series . Is that a major reform in the fifth series of World of Warcraft ? Who are we going to fight ? Is there a new class and race ? Do you want to be among the first to know ? prepare yourself . And do not forget that the opening ceremony will be streamed for free !

These are the moments of the Opening and Presentation to the World of Warcraft Series 5

10:45 PT : site WoW Insider has seen an oopsie on the live stream . Love the background logos !

11:04 PT : Mike Morhaime is on stage . He said that he missed us last year . More than 20,000 attendees at BlizzCon

11:11 PT : Crowd as Morhaime discusses not open auction house in Diablo III . World of Warcraft is the cheers , and the promise of new things about the game ” .

11:15 PT : Heroes Storm video playing cheesy background music to hard rock .

11:16 PT : Director Dustin Browder came to the stage to talk HOS and SC2 .

11:20 PT : Amazing Trailer for HOS . Browder says HOS played at BlizzCon ! Registration will begin beta today .

11:26 PT : CCO Rob Pardo joined on stage to talk about the fireplace ! . the opening of the open beta begins next month . ” maybe January, “

11:31 PT : Pardo said BlizzCon attendees ( and the virtual ticket holders ) will get a special card Hearthstone : Elite Tauren Chieftan : Battlecry : Game is intended for both iOS and Android second half of next year .

11:35 PT : World of Warcraft . Tarren Mill vs Southshore . AQ and ZG . / Nostalgia . So much applauded . And laughing at the Dark Portal trainwreck .

11:41 PT : Chris Metzen took the stage for the presentation of WoW .

11:50 PT : ” What if the dark days could come again dark days in sight , How do you fight an enemy without being savage barbarians themselves “

11:51 PT : ” There will be an honor to be served , and there will be an ass to be kicked . “

11:54 PT : Worlds of Draenor was officially announced as the next WoW expansion . This video is amazing . HOPE YOU LIKE Orc . New character model . New housing – Increasing level 90 and play immediately . 100 level cap !

11:57 PT : We’ll be back at 12:30 PT when WoW panel will take place !

12:29 PT : Getting ready to start back here . Massively that Richie will be live blogging ” World of Warcraft : What’s Next “

12:34 PT : Look , there are groups of orcs , and their plane crashes on an island , and something about the passage of time , and then they all disappeared into a cloud of white light .

12:40 PT : Lorevalanche ! ” Defeat the Iron Horde : Orc clans uniting Grommash … They plan to take soldiers through the Dark Portal and destroy Azeroth can not happen you have to stop them ! ” Leader Orc race has not been selected . After the Siege of Orgrimmar , Garrosh escaped trial by going back to the passage of time and the world Garrosh purpose is to redeem the ideals Orc as he sees it . Garrosh push the story forward , but he’s not the final boss of the expansion .

12:45 PT : And terlihatlah sizable map of the new continent . Draenor will have seven zones . The Alliance is the home town of the Black Fortress .

13:00 PT : The panelists will go through each zone one by one , and how it differs from his colleagues Burning Crusade .

13:15 PT : Why do you want a garrison : Epic gear for your character ! Your own land . Benefit of the building .

13:30 PT : Greg say WoW is better with friends . Increase the level up to level 90 is to help the people behind catch up some expansion . They can jump right into the new content . New inventory management , find new items that have entered the bag . Different quality item has colored lines . Highlights junk sellers . Quest items are not stored in a bag !

1:40 PT : Raids and Dungeons by Ion Hazzikostas : seven new dungeons – UBRS back . Normal versions of the basement level of the back . Bloodmaul Mining Slag is a prison non – linear with four new bosses in Frostfire Ridge .

13:45 PT : Big changes incoming raid . Much more flexible . Mythic mode for hardcore … not flexible .

13:50 PT : Ashran – Staging Area near the Dark Portal – World PvP Zone , PvP sandbox ! Ashran traffic will use technology – areas to address faction balance . Build and siege vehicles seized . Reduce enemy headquarters to rubble . Siege weapons , etc.

14:00 PT : Those are the highlights ! Thank you for joining us .

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