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This is about a very good site with multi-player games that are different and fun.


OMGPOP is a very good free online Game site that offers some very unique multiplayer games. It is a very good site that you should definitely join so you can play in your spare time.

The Games

There are currently 11 games on the site. They are not the same old 11 flash games, they are clever new multiplayer games that require quick thinking and ability to win. 

These are my top 3 games on the site:

1. Draw My Thing

In this game, players all take turns drawing an object which is given to them. Other players must guess what the object is from the picture before time runs out. This game is very fun and is my favorite. There is also a button to report any players that cheat.

2. Letter Box

In this game, players have to make words using some letters that are allocated to all players at the beginning of a round. Players have to be quick and try to find as many words as possible before time runs out. This is my second most favorite game.

3. Putt Putt Penguins

In this game, Players control penguins and try to swing them into a hole. Players have to also dodge obstacles and try to beat other players to the hole. Points are allocated to each player depending on their time and position. This is my third most favorite game.


There are also many more games on the site that you can have a go at. Feel free to visit the site and start having some fun. The site also has a point system that allows you to buy objects for your player. Enjoy!

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    Really good sites for gaming. I have never heard about these sites. Good work. …My best wishes to you

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