Online Game Review: Hobo

Easily the best hobo simulator I’ve ever played.

Hobo is a pretty basic brawler from Armor Games. Your main objective in “Hobo” is to literally kick the crap out of everyone in sight, so you can get arrested and have a nice easy life. I think. All I know is that being a homeless person apparently means that everyone on the planet will try to kill you. Also it apparently means that you will feel the need to crush other innocent homeless people with trash cans to defend your turf.

The only thing Hobo does to deviate from the norm is by utilizing it’s fairly offensive theme. You have 2 attack buttons and 5 attack combos. Which include, farting, spitting, blowing your nose, throwing up and erm, defecating. You can also charge, which is suprisingly useful. You go from one end of the game to the other mashing buttons wildly untill you eventually make it to the end of the level, and thats all that’s really to it.

Despite how basic the gameplay was I admit I did have fun imagining myself as a rampaging hobo who was tired of being stepped on by society. If i’ve learned anything from this online game, it’s that everyone is out to get homeless people, and the only way for them to survive is to fart, spit and defecate themselves to freedom.

In all seriousness however, Hobo is fun enough for the roughly 30 minutes of gameplay it’ll give you if you are good enough. More if you die a few times. The graphics are also pleasant. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of depth in an online game from 2008, and this is no exception. I’d suggest playing it if you just needed a laugh, or wanted a game you could blow through in no time. 

All in all i would give this game a 7 / 10. You can play the game here.

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