Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul Begginer’s Guide

A begginer’s guide for those who have downloaded oblivion and the Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul and don’t know what to do.

I am going to help you play Oblivion in the beginning if you have Oscuro’s Oblivion Overhaul installed. The game changes in difficulty and you level slower than the vanilla game. Also, the creatures in the world don’t level along with you. They have fixed levels, so you can’t poke your nose into places you don’t belong.

The most important tip is to change your gameplay if you have played the game before. You can’t stand in a place and expect to kill monsters in your way. Your new formula is hit and run (and hide if you can).Always try to attack first, and use sneak mode while you are at it.

Don’t hesitate to leave the battlefield to fight another day. This is going to happen a lot many times. Also, use guards for max. Protection – attack them monster and run to the guard. While travelling from one city to another, walk with a guard.

With all this, you may be wondering what you can do, what dungeons should you explore, and so on.

For the main quest, leave kvatch till level 3(longer than you think). First just after you exit the sewer, go to vilveren, but be careful. Kill the two bandits above, if you can kill them, go into vilveren, else leave it for some time else. Even if you are confident enough, be careful not to stray into the boss region of this dungeon as you can easily die. Also, don’t try to hoard potions, use them to help you survive the game, you will need it.

Then, you can go to the sideways cave, which is full of imps, crazed imps and mystical imps (2). The first two are easy to deal with, but the mystical imps can kill with two shots. Once you have done these, you can also complete many Mage guild recommendation (and maybe warrior guild as well).

Do not use fast travel, but use your legs instead, and jump whenever fatigue is full to improve on your acrobatic skill. Attack creatures like deer and wolves that come in your path to level up faster. Pick all kinds of alchemy ingredients so that you can make potions for when you go to hunt in dungeons. Do not save money, use it to buy better gear, or new spells first and then save money for a big purchase.

If you are in need of fast travel and have the horse armour DLC installed, get the free Armoured Old Nag, this gives you a free mount to get from place to place, and waste less time in fast travel. 

So best of luck in your game and remember that the main objective is to enjoy yourself and not to read such guides.

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