Playstation Four Review

The review of the Playstation 4.

Playstation 4 is a unique piece of machinery. Super quiet, and powerful with a 500 GB memory. With a sleek new design and matted black body, this system will be lost into just about any seat up until you turn it on. The controller is also redesigned to fit the hands more comfortably. The GUI (graphic user interface) of the Playstation is easy and user friendly. Everything is laid out in columns where the user scrolls like the Playstation 3, but once the user pushes down it shows more details of what app is selected. Also, while in the middle of a game, going home is flawless and can resume the game where you left offed. Sony also added the party chat that the Playstation 3 lacked and Xbox used. The chat audio is somewhat horrible. The microphones are very sensitive, the mic that comes with the system is a small phone like jack. The controller is pretty impressive. 

The controller is slightly bigger than that of its predecessor. The thumb sticks are wider apart since the playstation home button has moved down. A speaker sits in the middle below the touchpad. The controller is also fatter, but they introduced the dualshock 4 and kept the USB controller charger. The best thing about the Playstation is the price at $399, but now players have to pay $50 to play online. Still cheaper than Microsoft’s Xbox One and Live. 

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