Ps4 Console Exclusive: Deep Down New Information

Developer Capcom has let some more bits of information go about PlayStation four console exclusive Deep Down.

Today Capcom release some information about some of the dungeons gamers will traverse as they venture through Deep Down’s story. The dungeons sound like a very good challenge, they are the Dungeon of Wrath, Dungeon of Sorrow, Dungeon of Premonition, and Dungeon of Anxiety. Ready for a challenge?

Deep Down will be a free to play game featuring microtransactions for better items and weapons. These dungeons sound they’ll be pretty difficult to pass, that’s a good thing though we like the challenge. Seems like a few of those microtransactions will be needed, from what we’ve seen a game like Deep Down definitely would be worth the $60 some retail games are worth so a few microtransactions wouldn’t hurt.

Fans of PS4 console exclusive Demons Souls can rejoice as well as  Dark Souls gamers, Deep Down will certainly challenge that series in its level of difficulty, especially if the developer is trying to suqeeze some cents out of you via microtrasactions. Just be ready for them.

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