Ps4 Console: Sold Out Until February in Austalia

Sony revealed that the stocks for January in Australia had been sold already!

If you are a gamer, and you are in Australia, and you did not preorder your PlayStation 4 console a few months back, and didn’t get the chance to reserve it after launch, you are left in a very deep dark hole until February.

Today Sony confirmed to NEWS AU that all of its January stock had been sold already, now you’ll have to wait until February, an you might as well hurry before that stock is all sold out as well!

Sony Computer Entertainment managing director Michael Ephraim told NEWS AU:

“If you haven’t pre-ordered, it is very unlikely (you’ll see a console before Christmas) unless retailers have had cancellations, If you pre-ordered before Christmas, give the person you’re giving the gift to an IOU and you will be able to get them a console in February.”

Yes if you want a PS4 you must act fast before you have to wait until April or May next year. The PS4 console’s success has been crazy, good times for Sony, good times for gamers, bad for those waiting but you’ll get your console sooner or later.

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