Ps4 Will Dominate Says Analyst

The next gen console war machine is running full throttle and will be for a while to come. Some analysts have already cast their bet on what console is going to sell more.

With the release of the next gen consoles gamers have been up in a frenzy arguing and boasting about their favorite console, so much so that even analysts are joining. Today Michael Pachter a video game industry analyst layed out his vision for the gaming industry for the next 3 years:

“Our overall forecast is based upon several assumptions: first, we expect console prices to decline only modestly over the next three years, with PS4 pricing in the U.S. dropping from $399.99 at launch to $299.99 by 2016 and with Xbox One pricing in the U.S. dropping from $499.99 at launch to $349.99 by 2016; second, we expect new release software pricing to remain at $59.99 in the U.S. for the next three years; finally, we expect Nintendo to continue producing the Wii U. Should any of these assumptions prove to be incorrect, hardware and software sales will be affected, and it is highly likely that the ultimate results will differ significantly from our forecast.”

Hey atlease he doesn’t forecasts the consoles demise, unlike some analysts out there. So he predicts a price drop for the consoles within the next 3 years, really all of this is forseeable and wouldn’t require you have Ph.D in gaming to predict these. However I am wondering about a console redesign for the PS4 since it already is such a sleek machine. The sales numbers seem to be somewhat conservative, but better to play it safe – wouldn’t want to ruin your reputation by predicting outrageous sales, right?

What are your thoughts on this analysts predictions? Think Nintendo will launch a new console 3 or so years from now? Leave us your thoughts!

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