Quake Two Review Playstation One

A review of the hit shooter on the PlayStation one. Quake 2.

One of the most intense super gore shooters games on the PlayStation one, Its Quake 2. Developed by id Software and released by Activation, This first-person shooter game has all the right combinations to be a hit, with is awesome single player campaign where you have to explore through the world of Quake 2 blasting anything that may get in your way and of course the hectic fun of multiplayer matches in which me and a friend had so many epic battles in and of course I always won (maybe), plus Quake 2 is filled with many awesome weaponry, such as the devastating Super Shotgun (A very high powered shotgun) Rocker Launcher, Railgun and the monstrous BFG10k!

This game at the time was one of my all time favourite games and still is to this day, and I’m pleased to say I still have a hard copy of the game from when it first came out back in 1999.

Id say out of all of the Quake game, Quake 2 has got to be the best one due to the fact of the detail they have put into the game, and as I stated before, The multiplayer mode is awesome!

If you are a fan of first person shooter games and brutal game play, Then Quake 2 should be in your collection!

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