You can challenge your friends or strangers to show off your knowledge on music, movies and more, and have great time doing it!

After sweeping through the iOS platform, the very popular trivia game QuizUp is now available on Android through the Google Play Store as well! Art? Sports? History? Games? Or even Disney movies? The categories are near endless!


This is hands down one of the best multi-player trivia games that I have ever played, and it is only made even better since I can challenge some one to go head to head with all the freakishly random facts I have absorbed over the years. Having this app on your mobile device will be a must have in 2014.


The set up is extremely easy. You can create your account using your Google+ or Facebook account. If you have neither (Much like me) you can also use an email address along with your birth date. Form there, you simply choose a category and QuizUp will find an opponent. This generally happens fairly quickly unless you are playing at some extremely odd hour of the day. Much like real life, it may be a little difficult to find someone to battle “Back to the Future” facts with at 3am on a Saturday night.


One of the most amazing things about QuizUp is that this clean, smooth, well designed application is free to download. In addition to the game itself, QuizUp has a menu that houses topics, a list of friends, history of matches, messages, discussions and achievements. The short quizzes are time friendly for players with a busy schedule, and for players that want to play for a little longer, there are nearly countless categories and sub categories to prevent you from being bored.


QuizUp is a low stress game that is fun to actually play. No need to throw your phone angrily because of a Flappy Bird. You also don’t have to whip out your wallet to get ahead a la “Candy Crush” or “Clash of Clans.” This is an app that you can easily play again and again, without being constant hounded for in app purchases for lives, gems, or tokens. You can challenge your friends or strangers to show off your knowledge on music, movies and more, and have great time doing it!




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