Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is the first MPOCG present in Indonesia.

Ragnarok Online is the first to present MPOCG in Indonesia. Why instead of calling himself MMORPG, Ragnarok Online Community compared even use the word Role Play? For more details, let us consider the following reasons.

Ragnarok Online support features that are rich in elements of love and friendship, outside of the online gaming features that typically exist in a MMORPG. You can show various emotions by using a very simple emote icon dah simple to use. In addition, the system marry and adopt children participate applied to support the main objective of this game, which is love and friendship.

The interaction of players during play Ragnarok Online are concerned and very deep. You will feel the thrill of adventure with friends in a party or guild proudly adorning the battle between your days during play Ragnarok Online.

Character class in Ragnarok Online is made such that are expected to arise in the sense of a deep friendship between the players. Other effects you can choose the role you want, whether to move forward as a protector or support your friends with the skills you have. About classes you can choose from, I will discuss later in more detail.

Ragnarok Online decorated many interesting stories taken from comic artificial Ragnarok Lee Myung-Jin. In addition, many other stories that are connected directly to the legend of the Normans. As the heart of Ymir used to change jobs into job Rebirth.

Ragnarok Online main story tells about the war between the gods, humans and demons that occur protracted and cause a lot of destruction everywhere. Finally the three parties agreed to a cease-fire and war ended.

This peace lasted for years. After the man became alert again and began to forget disasters caused by war. Humans also entered a period of peace and security. Over time people become arrogant and selfish, they forget about their experiences during the war in the past.

This situation did not last long, savage monsters popping up in some areas. They rampage destroying anyone who is facing. This disaster did not stop until there alone, monsters attack coincided with the emergence of an earthquake and tidal are very powerful. Most of the affected area Midgard and devastated infinite.

In the chaotic atmosphere, legends about mysterious demon resurrection, which is told in various versions and have stories very interesting adventure. Humans still has hope, in one of the stories circulating among humans there is the story of Ymir pieces that can keep the peace.

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