Rayman Legends for Wii U Review

It finally happened. Ubisoft and Ancel have surpassed Nintendo and Miyamoto. At least this time. The first signs of this event had come with Rayman Origins, 2D platformer packed with interesting ideas that marked the return of the eggplant Ubisoft kissed market in High Definition.

Legends with the French company has further adjusted the shot and , more importantly, added the content needed to create a broad platform game , rewarding and can be fun without equal in multiplayer .

Rayman Legends knows how to win from the first moment thanks to an artistic direction out parameter in which each level, each and every animation choice of colors contribute to the achievement of excellence.

On the other hand those who played Rayman Origins has already had the opportunity to rub your eyes to the incredible work done by Ubisoft, but the amazing thing is that with the Legends development team was able to raise the bar further .

Cannot? Obviously not, since in the Legends engine called UbiArt was remodeled to handle large-size polygonal elements, integrating perfectly with the delicious two-dimensional segment of the project.

The result of this update is the presence of a series of huge bosses that add an extra element of variety within an already rich and chameleon-like, thanks to the usual refined design that encourages players to take advantage of the skills of his character and the elements of the backdrops for the better.

And it is the great work of game and level design to give an edge to Legends. In the title Ubisoft not only every level has a unique look and inspired but the same gameplay changes and adapts to keep up the interest of the player.

In which platform happens to see the protagonist turned into duck for an entire level, with all the limitations of the case in terms of speed and dynamism (Ghosts ‘ n Goblins is a platform)? Or to find the stealth of Splinter Cell (with lots of costumes dedicated to Sam Fisher) perfectly blended with traditional platforming levels of divers? In Legends, of course! And the best part is that Ancel and his team were able to make pleasant experiences often even hate like that underwater exploration.

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