Realm of The Mad God: Joys of Permadeath

A review of Realm of the Mad God, created by Wild Shadow studios.

Realm of the Mad God is a Co-op browser-based bullet hell pixel shooter MMORPG. This might be the only game I found to have such unique genre, making it so uncommon compared to other online games.

First feature of the game: Co-op. Yep, no PvP, atleast you fight the monsters in the realm, together and forever!

Second: Browser based bullet hell pixel. What does this mean? Well since it’s browser-based, it’s playable everywhere and since its pixel, it’s literally playable everywhere(just make sure it’s PC/laptop/netbook, heh). The bullet hell part, eh, it means lots of dodging, better get your fingers warmed up.

Third: Shooter MMORPG. You shoot stuff, even equipped with a sword! and also you have alot of people to accompany on.

Wait There’s permadeath. While you were fighting in the realm, you got stuck in a bullet hell due to aggro’d mobs then suddenly… You died for real, and saw the picture and name of your character and its accomplishments. No resurrects, you start back at square one. This unique feature really shows who is skillful.

So if you die, it’s okay, this game is designed to work that way, kill you(and they tend to be very successful).

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