Recovering Hearts Takes on a More Literal Meaning

Ever wonder how Link actually recovers health in the legend of zelda?

Ever wonder how link recovers hearts just by collecting them in the legend of zelda? Simple, he eats them… because hes a zombie, duh. Well, anyways there’s a cool T-Shirt of zombie link and it looks like that nice picture below.

Buy the Legend of Zombie T-Shirt here, from split reason

Why should I buy this stupid T-Shirt?

Two words, Zelda, Zombies. If you are any sort of video gamer then you should be having orgasms all over yourself right now.

But I’ve exhausted my video game related zombie T-Shirts!

Some Ideas, Sell your video games, steal another $20 from your mothers purse, or get a job.

I itch in weird places!

You are simply itching for Zelda related zombie t shirts and a trip to the psychiatrist or a doctor or something I don’t know.

Are these T-Shirts really fun?


You can find more zombified video game character shirts here as well, like zombie mega man, or zombie Kirby. Imagine that, something so cute turned into a zombie…. Weird, and awesome. 

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