Retro Gaming Nostalgia: Golden Axe

A look at the classic side scrolling beat um up Golden Axe.

Old school gaming has always been with me and some of the best games comes from the retro consoles, like the Mega Drive. I still own this amazing retro gaming console and have quite a few games for it still, some even in mint condition. As tempted as I am to sell them on ebay for quite a bit of money, I think they are worth preserving for the future.

One of the best games I have on the Mega Drive is Streets of Rage. Its one of the best side scrolling beat um up games out there! Even on today’s standards,

There is another game which is a Side scrolling beat um up and that’s Golden Axe. You can play the game as one of 3 warriors where you battle through hordes of enemies, using weapons and magic to aid you along your way.

This game has all the action, adventure, and awesome moments that make up a great retro game.

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