Rsbuddy or Powerbot: Choose Your Sides

The choice lies with you.

The battle of the 2 powers




 Recently,there has been a major conflicts in the botting industry of Runescape,an online mmorpg when free trade was reintroduced in runescape.

The initial assumption of the situation is here:

One Side of Story

Paris,the website owner of powerbot accused Arbiter of using an alias by the name of Gh0st. Gh0st, is claimed to have hacked powerbot source code client on their svn server and changed them such that they will transfer  the credentials of powerbot users to a server. This will affect all user who compile their rsbot using SVN. However,despite all this accusation, Paris has not provided any proof or pictures of evidence whatsoever so far. But instead, he have created a thread on powerbot either explaining the truth or defaming arbiter and gang.(Maybe Simply trying to get rid of rivals). Arbiter and his gang is trying to defame powerbot and make it lose its credibility through all this hacking so that the community of botter in powerbot will go to their newly created website,rsbuddy.

The Other Side

Powerbot is owned by gold4rs, a website that sell runescape gold. It is claimed that when free trade come out,there is a large amount of demand for runescape gold. Demand is over the supply, therefore they “hacked” many runescape accounts to gain access to the gold they needed. This happens the same time with Arbiter and team leaving to create their own botting website called RSBuddy. In order to cover up and eliminate their business rival, they mitigated the blame to Arbiter and gang. “Killing two birds with one stone”. A phrase used to describe their action


This resulted in DDoS-ing of both websites.

Read Here for more info about DDoS:

Either party have been DDoS-ing the other for a consecutivelys few days now. However,as it seems,RSBuddy is leading in the DDoS war. Their website has been much stable than powerbot. But nevertheless, with greater competition comes greater improvement. Arbiter and his team,together with JacMob are all well known scripters. They have created some of the very best near-flawless script in powerbot (there no flawless script)but powerbot still hold some good scripters,many of which remain their identity unknown for different reasons.


No one here is right or wrong.Ultimately, its up to you to choose who to believe in. The choice is yours. No solid evidence have been provided by both parties and i doubt there will be any given too in the future, unless one side bring the incident up to court. Powerbot claims to be doing so… but i doubt it will happen in the end. The cost is too high. You can choose to stop botting now to be safest. =D Also, if you don’t mind paying for a bot, you can try out nexus bot. Which is a standalone bot,completely different from  rsbot

Go ahead and comment on this article. I don’t mind even if you post who you support and flame the other part here.

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  2. Posted February 18, 2011 at 7:22 pm

    Demand higher than supply is GOOD. It raises prices.

  3. jay
    Posted June 11, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    rs bot hacked me then i tried rs buddy i made 330m

  4. Patrick
    Posted July 3, 2011 at 10:16 am

    why people would trust thier password with a gold selling company is beyond me.

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