RuneScape 2007 Back – Thoughts

My thoughts about RS 2007 coming back.

If you don’t know yet, Jagex is asking Runescape community if they want Runescape back as it was in August 10th 2007. Here’s the link of the vote:

Currently (while making this article) the votes are 138447 votes. 

I like the idea of bringing back RS 2007, but I think they should add somethings – Grand Exchange (added in the game 2007 November 26). Grand Exchange helped a lot, in my opinion, You could buy everything from one place, you could get items easier plus you see the prices of the items. Plus GE was and still is one of the places where people gather, some to trade, some to socialize.

Second thing I want to see is God Wars dungeon. Why i want this back, is new monsters, new bosses, which where a challenge at the time actually, not like in the current rs, you can easily solo those bosses, even if you are not maxed combat. But the downside to that, the pking will get a little easier then, when AGS and other god armors and weapons were introduced. But if the prices are high then i don’t think that will be a major problem, because many people will not be ready to risk high value things. Also, as everyone will start fresh ( all stats 1 and hp 10) it will take time until someone will get decent gear.

These are my thoughts, Tell me, what to you think about RS 2007 coming back, what do you want to see in the game then.

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