RuneScape 2007 Servers

Information about the Runescape 2007 servers and how to join.

So as of some of you may know and some of you may not know, Jagex Ltd. has released a fully playable Runescape 2007 server, August 10 2007 backup date to be specific, and for some of you who are into this thing might know that the release of God-Wars Dungeon was the 28th of August 2007, so that leaves some of us to the point that we are a bit disappointed in Jagex because they couldn’ t get a backup from later after the big thing “GWD”.

Well, enough of that, Let’ s talk about some information on how to test out the beta of 2007. 

So how to test it is that you need to have a premium account for old/new runescape however u’ d like to prefer it, that has a membership paid, can also be paid now (check forums for info on how to get it cheaper.) and once you have a paid account you will have to go to the front page of Runescape and look for a big green button saying vote now under the big number encounter (something over 400.000) and press vote now, it’ s as simple as that, now you should be able to play Runescape 2007 Beta.

The number encounter that I talked about already, is counting the numbers of how many votes have been voted, and there are different stages of votes that represent how much Jagex is going to put into this project, I’ m not getting into details (you can check those on a thread at the home page also).

Good luck in Runescape 2007, I’ll see you around.

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