RuneScape: Building More Than One Skill at a Time

In RuneScape the skill system is built in a way that allows you to work on more than one skill at a time, and with 25 skills for paid members to build up this is a great help.

As I stated in the Skills Article there are some skills that are only available to paid members and I will be using some of those skills in this article.

Woodcutting is a great skill as it opens doors to other skills whether you are a paid member or not. If you play the free game then it helps your Firemaking skill which in turn can help your cooking skills. If you are a paid member it will also help you with your Fletching skill.

Cooking is another Good example which leads on from the one above.

How it works:

Chop down the tree for the logs to light which improves your Woodcutting and Firemaking skills.

Kill a chicken or cow for meat to cook.


Go Fishing or hunting for your meat.

Once you have everything you need light the logs and use the fire to cook your food which you can then use if your health needs increasing. At first you will only be able to cut and light normal logs, hunt low end animals and fish in certain places and cook a small amount of things. But as each of your skills increases you will be able to do more.

My favorite option. 

Cutting down normal trees for logs. then Fletching all but one into arrow shafts.

Killing chickens for their feathers, meat and eggs.

Using the feathers with the arrow shafts to make unfinished arrows.

Then using the log I have left over to cook the chickens.

When fighting any enemy I would advise setting your combat to  Attack, Strength and Defence as this will improve all areas when you are in a fight.

Then to finish of the arrows mine some ore smelt it and smith it into arrow heads which can be attached to the unfinished arrows.

Once you have plenty of them you can sell them at the Grand Exchange or at a shop in one of the villages.

Making Bowstrings a Multi Skill Video 

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