RuneScape Cheats

How to cheat on runescape. You can make millions and get items with little of your time spent.

Runescape is a fun game but it’s hard to make millions or get that level 99 stat. Now you can do all that without even being at the computer. It’s all easy when you use autos or bots. Bots can do almost anything, train skills, collect items, and even fight for you. There are many bots out there, some real some fake. Choosing a bot you have to be careful and make sure you get a legit one. Epic bot, rune dream, and rs bot by power bot are all legit. I find that epic bot works the best for me. As well as being legit these bots are also 100% free. In one week I made a noob account and got him to level 86 with very little effort. Most of the time I spent watching tv. As long as you are careful and don’t bot for extremely long periods of time there is no chance of being banned. The bots can mine, chop, tan hides, fight, fletch, magic, range, cook, etc…  Epic bot is very reliable and can be found at By using bots you can easily get that 99 stat with little time, work, and effort on your part. Happy botting

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