RuneScape EOC: F2P Money Making Guide 200k Gp/hr

Make money with the batmage setup.

The Requirements:

Recommended Stats: 53 Magic for Earth Blast, 50 Defence for Batwing set. (If you don’t meed these requirements just use the best magic robes you can find and use your best Earth spell)

Equipped Items:

Head: Batwing Hood
Top: Batwing Torso
Bottom: Batwing legs
Boots: Batwing Boots
Gloves: Batwing Gloves
Neck: Amulet of Magic
Weapon: Bat Wand
Shield: Bat Book (Bring a shield if your can’t wear the bat set)
Cape: Any cape

If you don’t have any of these, just use the best magic equipment you can find (Imphide, etc.).

For the Inventory:

Runes for your best Earth Spell. You do not need food.

For the Abilities Loadout:

Just spam 1, 2, 3, and 4. And if you’re a lower level, use 5 everytime you can to lower damage recieved. This is also a good PKing loadout for the Batmage, the only difference is you don’t just spam the buttons. 
If you have a low defence level, add:

Use this when your health is half and you will restore almost all of your lost health. Note that it requires 100% adrenaline to use. If you’re low on HP and you can’t use Rejuvenate, you can kill the smaller monsters to bring your adrenaline up.

Here’s how to get to the place:

Kill the level 52 cockroach soldiers. They have low defence and will probably die in less than 3 seconds if you use earth spells.

Pick up everything they drop!

This is my inventory after an hour of killing these things:

You can easily make millions using this method. I hope this guide helped you, have fun making money!

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