RuneScape Fish Masks Will be Increasinly Valuable and Rare

Runescape Fish mask speculation.

Runescape Fish masks

There’s been a lot said about Jagex’s idea to insert new “rares” won from the squeal of fortune into the game, most of it being negative.  There were high expectations for the fish masks, and many people lost out big time when it crashed.  It’s currently around 1.3-1.4M, compared to a high of 8-10M back in July.  That’s exactly why this is the perfect time to


Yes, I said it.  Buy fish masks.  Buy them all.  Why?


If you’ve taken any sort of economics class, or have even a little bit of common sense, you obviously know that supply correlates with demand.  Currently there is little to no demand for fish masks, but there is a FINITE supply. Fish masks will never be reintroduced to the game: the ones that exist now will dwindle.  People will hold them, some will die with them, others will alch them, others that have them might flat out quit the game, accounts will be banned, you name it.   For any of the above reasons, the fish mask supply will dwindle, and will never actually increase.  Right now it’s most likely at the lowest price it will go.  That means that right now, when there is NO DEMAND and the price is low, you should stock up if you can afford it.


Yes, currently it’s worth is nothing compard to the party hats, santa hats, mask sets, whatever.  But hey, it’s still technically a rare.  How many fish masks do you think are in the game?  Whatever you estimate, there will be less in the game tomorrow than there are today.


No one really knows how long it will take to be worth anything near 5M again.  Jagex is constantly manipulating the Runescape market and the Grand Exchange, and there are many many more fish masks than there ever where any of the other rares, but keep faith.  If you bought 100 today at 1.3-1.4m, and in a month or two they rose to 2M, you’d make a handsome profit.  If you’re a player with money to spare, buy them.  If you’re not, then you could honestly make more money with plenty of other methods.  (see two of my guides here:,

Whether you agree or disagree with my predictions, you cannot deny the part about supply and demand.  Its more a question of how many are there, and how long will it take for them to rise again.

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