RuneScape Future Updates

A rundown on the planned Runescape updates disclosed during Runefest 3.

As we all know, one of the highlights about Runefest is the ammount of exclusive information shared about the future of the game we all love. That’s unlucky for those of us who couldn’t attend, for whatever reasons. So for your reading pleasure, I’m compiling a list of the new information disclosed there!

– The Giant Mole is getting a rework. There is concept art of it floating around if you search for it.

– There will be a quest early next year where we will get more information on elder gods, and Zaros will finally be coming back.

– Valley of the Dead, a new PvP minigame based around the Hunger Games concept.

– Runescape is finally becoming a downloadable game, allowing Jagex more freedom with HTML5’s graphics.

– Shields will be made more useful again.

– Smoking Kills’ bosses will be getting a rework, to help new players better understand the EoC boss mechanics.

– Construction update. Houses will be more costumisable, you won’t be limited to hotspots to build furniture. Also, there will be plots around the world where you will be allowed to have your house, instead of shard locations. In those plots, you can also build houses for NPCs, in exchange for experience.

– PoP will be getting updated with new islands, new trade goods, new voyages and new ship parts. Also, new rewards.

– 2nd world event will be happening near Falador, and will feature Bandos vs Armadyl. The loser WILL die!

– A skilling boss, which will be fought using the various skills to defeat parts of it.

– NEW SKILL! It is confirmed to be called Inventor, where you will be inventing new weapons and upgrading skilling tools.

– Agility rework. They will be aiming to altogether remove run energy, making agility useful to skill faster. Also, new ways to train agility.

– Runescape is still planned to come to tablets and mobile phones.

– Prifddinas will be coming out in parts, and will be acessible for the 200th quest.

– Minigame reworks, voted by the players, along with a new matching system.

– Mining and smithing rework. Rune will be made level 50, allowing for expansion to the skill. Deposit boxes will be made available near mining spots, so you don’t need to drop ores while training.

So, there you have it! A rundown of all the planned updates for Runescape. If some of these come true, then Runescape’s future sure is looking bright!

Thanks for reading, and see you around Gielinor!

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