RuneScape: Make Lots of Money Fast, Get 99 Smithing and Magic

Using superheating for profit and lots of experience.

Everyone knows that smithing is generally a SLOW skill to train.  Magic isn’t as bad, as you have  high alching.  It’s really easy to train BOTH of these skills, and why not make a profit while doing it?


Superheating is generally looked over when it comes to magic and smithing, but it’s a great way to make some cash and train TWO skills at once.  Better yet, the more you superheat, the better bars you can make, boosting your profit.

Nature runes are currently at such a low price, around 110 gp ea or so, which helps you to maximize your Runescape profit.  You want at least a high enough smithing level to smelt steel, and of course, the better bars you can make, the better profit you make.  Do steel, then mithril, then adamant.  Rune is where it’s the most fun.  You can make tons of money smelting runite bars, and you can save yourself all of those time consuming furnace trips.  Since they moved the Al Kharid furnace, this is especially helpful for F2P.

Obviously, check your materials before you begin- the price of ores, bars, and runes continuously changes.  Select whichever materials will give you the most profit at current market prices.  The road from 85-99 smithing is much faster when you can finally do rune bars.

I have found that superheating is a highly effective, quick, easy, and profitable method to achieving the highly coveted level 99 smithing.  You’ll be sporting that smithing cape in no time, and have plenty of gold coins to show for it.

I wish you the best of luck on your road to 99, and your party hat!

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