RuneScape: Making Money

Gold is the currency of Gielinor. It is used in game to buy items for the player to use. There are many different ways to grow your gold reserves.

A RuneScape screenshot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Killing Creatures

Some Creatures like Goblins drop coins when they are killed. This is not the quickest way to gain wealth on RuneScape but the other items dropped by the creatures you kill may be the key to becoming a rich player.

Selling Items picked up from creature drops. 

Like I said above items dropped by creatures can help you grow your money. Just collect up items like Armor, Arrows and Bolts and then sell them at the Grand Exchange or at a general store or other shop.

Crafting Items. 

Selling the items you have made while building up your skills is a great way to make money.

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