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Now,People who play runescape would know that there is actually A LOT of ways to earn money.When you go to Google or Youtube and search for “Runescape money making guide 2013″ there are a LOT of guides to help you.Now the only question is whether the method is FAST or SLOW?Most of the players are looking for the fastest way to earn money.Of course, who doesn’t wanna earn money fast?

Whatever method you use to earn money it is fine with me but there are some cases where it make me feel annoyed.Example, At the Grand Exchange I saw someone saying “Please! I need 5k more to buy full rune(g)! Help please!” and someone was kind enough to give 5k to him.After like an hour or so,when i went back to the Grand Exchange I saw him typing the EXACT same message “Please! I need 5k more to buy full rune(g)! Help please!”

This is why i never give anyone my money in runescape cause no one is trust-able.Yes,my online buddy choose pixel over a friend.Some of us are just that unlucky.Yes i would say you are really lucky if someone gave you 5k every time you asked for it but most of the time no.I can see people begging for money at the grand exchange for an hour or so and he or she doesn’t even get anything from that.

Why would you stay at one area saying “Please Donate to me”,”Dancing for Money”,”Gimme Money please” and etc etc for an hour or so?I bet someone could have earned like 20k in that hour.All I am trying to say is doing all those stuff doesn’t help you get money fast.It might if you are REALLY lucky that everytime you said that someone give it to you but what are the chances?

Another thing is to follow someone who do “drop party”,Ok I guess it is fine if you are really bored and you just wanna join the party to see whether you could get anything from it BUT if you think that is a fast way to earn money,I am sorry pal,you are wrong(unless your a super fast clicker then YEAH!!!! you can win) and some of them don’t even drop item that are valuable.So you follow someone and help them advertise “Drop party” for 30min and you got nothing for it?How is that working for you?

Anyways,If those method of earning money works for you,then go ahead.Keep on doing whatcha doing.Have fun and take cake!

Note: I also do believe some of the people who are rich are hacker…But that is just my opinion.what do you think?

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