RuneScape (Quest Guide) Cook’s Assistant

Quest Guide For Cook’s Assistant.

Length: Short-ish


Quest Requirements:

Skill/Other Requirements:

Items needed to comeplete the quest: Bucket or (milk), Egg, Pot (Pot of Flour)

Quest Points: 1

Reward: 300 Cooking XP, 500 coins, 20 sardines and permission to use the Cook’s range


1. Head to Lumbridge and Walk inside and look for the Range and head for that room, Talk to the chef inside and ask him whats wrong.

2. He tells you its Duke’s Birthday and he doesnt have the igredents for the cake so tell him you’ll help him out.

3. Assuming you dont have all the items (turn in quest if you do) take the Pot thats inside the Room and walk outside.

4. Once outside Head EAST and then North once you’ve crossed the bridge, when you see a gate leading into a field of cows open it and walk inside Directly north of you you should find a cow that doesnt move Right Click Her Or use the bucket on the cow. that you have a bucket of milk leave the cow field and walk north until you find a Chicken Farm, Walk inside and look for a little barn (or chicken choop ><) and look for a egg spawn and pick it up.

6. Once you have the Egg and Milk exit the Farm and Head south and then WEST at the 1st bridge you see,Cross it and Head north and FOLLOW THE PATH until you see a Wheat Field (Wheat is named Grain,Wheat Field looks like white Flowers kinda Orange Floor on minimap)

7. Pick the Wheat (Named Grain in inventory) and Walk North Into the Windmill (yellow Icon on minimap) climb up the stairs twice and look for a bin called Hopper and USE yer grain on it and make sure you pull the levelers.

8. Head back down the ladders and USE or LEFT CLICK the Center Bin that contains your flour, once you have all 3 items head back to the cook and turn in your quest.

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