RuneScape: Top Five Skills

A list of my top five favorite Skills and Why.

Runescape is a very fun game, but only a few skills are ones that I think are really fun.


Woodcutting is my absolute favorit skill because it is my highest level and my main money-maker. I have made 10 million gold from chopping, banking and selling Yew Logs! (I used that money to buy Rune Gold Trimmed Armour!)


For some reason, it is just my favorite skill. Out in the wilderness trapping birds is my favorite. My favorite birds to catch were the Cerulean Twitch, because they were out in the middle of nowhere. Hunter takes me to far off hostile environments that I would have never explored. It is #2 because it doesn’t make much profit.


Heh Heh. It is very fun to pickpoket people and steal from stalls, and also very productive! Usually very colse to a bank as well.


Ah. Just set up your rod and wait….Not! I prefer Swordfish Fishing, because it is more productive that tunas or Lobsters. It is my #4 because its not as productive or fun as the others. My favorite fishing spot is Karajama (I think thats how you spell it…)


Last but not least, Fletching. I never would have really gotten into Woodcutting if it hadn’t been for fletching, and it is a very productive skill. I thought it deserved a place on this list.

I have a few other articles that are related to Runescape skills. If you liked my style, then Mabye you should check them out!

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