RuneScape Town Guide: Lumbridge

Lumbridge is the place all free members start their life on RuneScape once they have completed the opening task.

Lumbridge is situated to the east of Draynor Village, on the west bank of the River Lum in the Kingdom of Misthalin. Its main points of interest are the castle and the graveyard where there are quests to be undertaken.

Quests to be found in Lumbridge

There are five quests in Lumbridge each one with its own challenges.

There are Quests for members and free players.

Free Player Quests 

The Blood Pact

To start this Quest speak to Xenia who you can find stood outside the Dungeon Entrance in Lumbridge Graveyard.

This is a short and fairly easy Quest which sees you defeating three level two enemies to save Ilona.

Link to Official Walkthrough

Cook’s Assistant

To start this Quest speak to the Lumbridge Castle Cook who can be found in the Kitchen of Lumbridge Castle.

This is another short and easy Quest in which you help the Cook get ready for the Kings Birthday. Your Job is to collect the ingredients for the cake.

Link to Official Walkthrough 

Lumbridge Swamp

To the south is Lumbridge swamp where you will find two mining sites with a few different ores to mine. At first your best choice for mining will be the Copper and Tin mine on the South East side of the swamp but once your mining level progresses you will be able to get more use out of the Coal, Mithril and Adamantite rocks in the mine to the South West.

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