School Tycoon Game Review

Build your own school and run it.

Unlike the rest of the tycoon games this one does not include spreadsheet and statistics. This makes it easier.

With an overhead view, this game allows the player to layout the buildings for the school.

The game has 2 modes. Objective mode and Sandbox mode. The latter is the one which has no specific objective just a free do as you wish mode. The former as the name suggests, requires you to perform certain objectives which might include getting a certain number of students to your school and the more challenging ones which might require you to earn a certain amount of money in a given space of time.

Player can build food areas, entertainment facilities, statues and fountains as a way to gain popularity with students.

In the game, the player is able to hire staff with a variety of skill from sports coaches to teachers. This game has it all

If you are looking for a less complex but fun simulation game this one is for you.

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