Service Warhammer Online Closed Immediately

Service Warhammer Online Closed Immediately.

Nothing is more depressing for fans of online gaming in addition to the news about the closure of their favorite game. Amid uforia emergence of new online games these days, the sad news Warhammer Online reported on 18 September 2013 yesterday.

Games Workshop and Mythic Entertainment has officially announced that they will discontinue services on Warhammer Online: December 18, 2013. Mythic said their cooperation with the Games Workshop no longer forwarded. They also can no longer sell the 3-month time codes (access code to play WO for 3 months), and does not update the player account 3 monthly per-18 September 2013.

This news is certainly a bit confusing for the fans of Warhammer Online (WO). In a news release the WO termination, no mention at all about the lack of gaming performance, or income problems, or other problems commonly faced by developers of online games today. The notice also suggests that the relationship Mythic Games Workshop and fine.

The producer, Carrie Gouskos said that togetherness with WO for about a decade it has become an unforgettable thing. He gave a high appreciation for the players WO who has always encouraged him to raise WO. Even his last words was his desire to continue playing with the fans WO, at least until the closing of this game for another month.

Then why WO terminated? The real reason behind the closure of WO may not be published, clear all of this is part of the online gaming industry battle. The fans must be disappointed, but hopefully the new games that have sprung up at this time can cure the sorrow. Just a little extra, Guild Wars can be played to be an alternative to WO.

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