Seven Classic Video Games for The Colecovision

Back in the early 1980s, Atari was king of the home video game market, with Mattel’s Intellivision a close second. But then along came the Colecovision home video game system from Coleco, and it was finally proven that a home gaming system could have graphics as solid as those of any arcade game.

Donkey Kong

This was the game that really kicked things off for the Colecovision. Not only was it a fun game, but the graphics were solid and were as good as those of the arcade version of the game. Also, sales for this game were huge not only because of how great it was, but also because early on this game came included with the Colecovision system.


Sometimes the most simple games are the best, and Carnival was such a game. Great in the arcades, and solid even on the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision, Carnival truly shined on the Colecovision. This game had simple graphics and simple gameplay, but it was still awesome.

Donkey Kong Junior

Donkey Kong Junior was a great sequel to the arcade classic Donkey Kong, but it was also a great game in its own rights. The version for the Colecovision is one of the best home ports of the game ever made, though Nintendo fans often prefer the NES version.

Lady Bug

Never popular in the arcades, Lady Bug found plenty of fans in the home console market. And who could blame them? On the Colecovision, Lady Bug was an awesome early maze game, in many ways more complex and arguably more fun than even Pac-Man.

Cosmic Avenger

Never a huge arcade hit, this game was still the first continual horizontal space shooter, so it should be no surprise it made its way to the Colecovision.


The Colecovision version of the classic arcade hit Zaxxon was the first home gaming console to get the isometric graphics correct, making sure Zaxxon would find a place in the hearts of gamers everywhere.

Mouse Trap

Admittedly Pac-Man was the original arcade maze game, but Mouse Trap was fun and popular as well. This version for the Colecovision was nearly exactly like that of the arcade, which one shouldn’t be surprised from the Colecovision.

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