Sledgehammer Developing The Next Call of Duty

Sledgehammer Developing the Next Call of Duty.

Apparently Sledgehammer is developing the next Call of Duty. Treyarch is pushed to release their Call of Duty in 2 years which is okay since Treyarch makes the better Duty. I do, however, hate that sledgehammer is taking over since they made Modern Warfare 3 which the online was extremely horrible. They were also the first developer to introduce the support package which was way overpowered in MW3. Infinity ward did a good job of balancing out the support package, but then again all the killstreaks suck in Ghosts. With all the killstreaks being bad, it is a good thing however. 

On the good side of this, with introducing three developers into the mix. It may just breathe the fresh breath of air the Call of Duty franchise needs. It gives Infinity Ward and Treyarch more time to smooth out the bumps and perfect their game. Time will only tell on how Sledgehammer takes on Call of Duty. With new and upcoming games coming out, Call of Duty is going to have to step their game up to keep their players. 

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