Smite: Hackpack! Completely Free!

A completely free hackpack for smite.

Is This for You?

Ever wanted to be a pro player at Smite? Ever wanted to show off to your friends? Or ever wanted to skip the boring part of earning Favor? If yes this completely free hack pack is for you!

How I Decided to Make It

I decided to make this hack pack after I realized I’ve spent so much time trying to rack up favor. My friends, who were already level 30’s with most of the gods unlocked, were pressuring me to hurry up so i could play with them in the harder fun-er games. One of my friends mention something about a hack and SNAP! Brilliant idea! So after reviewing what hacks for other games was like i decided to incorporate the same ideas and hacks.

How I Made It

I used my little knowledge of java programming and went to work. I decrypted all of the smite program files and found everything i needed to make the best smite hacks ever.


Zoom Hack (Increases the zooms length to allow better view of surroundings)

Teleport Hack (Uses the lag movement estimator to shoot you forward, Works through walls now) 

Aimbot (Typical aiming system. A little jumpy though) <——-Hardest part

Invisibility (Overloads the files that load your skin and name plate)

Speed hack (Uses the lag movement estimator to make you move up to 5x faster)


V1.0.0.153 Compatible

V1.0.0.129 Compatible

V1.0.0.125 Almost compatible



Main download:

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Sorry for all the links, I have people trying to shut them down.

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