SOE Release Requirements Minimum Pc Specs for Eqn: Landmark

SOE Release Requirements Minimum PC Specs For eqn: Landmark.

In connection with the presence of the Alpha Test phase EverQuest Next: Landmark are planned to be held before the beginning of February, Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has finally officially announced the minimum system requirements that can be used to play the Alpha Test. Through the Alpha phase, SOE will perform a series of optimization so that going forward, they can reduce the minimum system requirements time after time.

As Gamenezion preached some time ago that, as Director of Development Dave Georgeson said that it takes a 64-bit operating system to make landmarks can work well. Most gamers certainly feel that this is aggravating, but what may make, Landmark still in Alpha phase. But for those who feel no problem to follow the minimum requirements, SOE explained that the OS that can be used is Windows 7 64-bit. Processors are required to use a minimum Intel Dual Core i5 or AMD Phenom X3. Memory, which is the main reason landmarks using 64-bit OS, 4GB of RAM minimum required, with at 1.024MB RAM Video Memory. Series VGA card that needs to be used a minimum of Nvidia GeForce GTX 275 or AMD HD 4890. Other needs are 20GB HD, Sound Card compatible with DirectX, as well as Broadband Internet with speeds 10Mbit/sec.

Recommended specifications are still far from the minimum requirements, namely Intel Quad Core i5 / AMD Phenom II X6, 8GB RAM, with VGA card GeForce GTX 560 series or AMD HD 6870. With this High-end specifications, SOE ensures that Landmark Alpha version will run well without experiencing lag problems arising from the inability of the hardware to process the game well.

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