Sony, Show Off Playstation Four Application for Android

SONY, show off PlayStation four Application For Android.

Getting closer to launch time PlayStation 4, Sony is getting teased gamers who awaits the champion game console. Remote play feature which has only just been heralded, now significantly demonstrated how it works by frontman Sony.

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Event held at Tokyo Game Show 2013 is a new beginning, the Creator PlayStation 4 shows an Android application specifically designed to handle the remote play feature PlayStation 4.

Simply by pressing the menu option ‘connect to PS4′ on the application, the owner of the PlayStation 4 will be directly connected with his game console and can play the desired game by way of streaming.

Not only that, PlayStation 4 for Android application is also able to connect to the PlayStation Network where players can interact with other gamers like just chatting or join a multiplayer mode to play in one game.

Interestingly, Sony also buried a live feed feature that allows gamers to know the activities of his friends on the PlayStation Network community.

More beautiful when Sony was not immune to support the integration of live feeds from Facebook and Twitter users.

On the same occasion, Sony is also demonstrating the advantages of the PS Vita TV that can also play games with the PlayStation 4 streaming method. The most obvious advantage is where gamers can play multiplayer mode with two different screens, although the game is played from a PlayStation 4 game console.

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