Sony Teasing Playstation Four Games – 2014 Will be a Great Year for Playstation Gamers

Everyone is wondering what first party PlayStation studios are cooking up for the PS4, Sony teases 2014 for us.

So far in the PS4’s lifespan we’ve only seen one huge title for the PS4, that being Killzone: Shadow Fall. If you think this game looks amazing think about this, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. What Sony has planned on PS4 for 2014 will leave you speechless, the PS4 is a beast of a machine and Sony won’t hold it back. Speaking to Express Online, Playstation UK Managing Director Fergal Gara said:

“All of our major studios are working on PS4 content. These guys are experimenting with and working on the new platform. They may not have announced games specifically but our big studio network is focused primarily on PS4. Their heritage is fantastic and it is a great platform to develop for. So I am looking forward to some great surprises and amazing experiences. There are going to be some real gems.”

2014 will be a big year for the PS4 possibly the biggest during its 5-7 year lifespan since that’s when the system’s limits will be explored and expanded. The PS4 is a much easier system for developers to develop games for when compared to the PS3, this means that developers have more time to focus on the game and improving it rather than getting it to work on the system.

Better easier development means more can be squeezed from the system. Further on Fergal Gara went on to say:

“Gamers can look forward to seeing publishers really push the boundaries of what this great machine can do.”

Obviously we cannot wait. What first party developers achieved on the PS3 was amazing, I cannot begin to imagine what these same developers will be able to achieve on a beast machine as the PS4 with 16x the amount of RAM the PS3 has.

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