Star Wars The Old Republic Will Get New Expansion!

Star Wars The Old Republic Will Get New Expansion!

Star Wars The Old Republic , one of the MMORPG World of Warcraft system will get a new free expansion called Galactic Strongholds . With this new expansion , you will finally be able to have its own headquarters ! Not only that , for you who have a guild also had the opportunity to have their own flagship , which looks like a giant plane that will serve as the main headquarters of the guild .

Currently there is no clear information about the functioning of the headquarters or flagship , which is clearly seen from the trailer you will be able to ” dress up” markasmu in the form of furniture , trophies , and more . I’m pretty sure headquarters will also have a storage place , just in SWTOR storage area is available in all cities and personal aircraft .

I myself really hoping that headquarters and flagship will have more than just a function of where you spend money to show off wealth . Especially flagship , which has the potential to be used as extra missions to various guilds and other special missions . But already confirmed through the FAQ that the flagship will not be used for PVP war or something . For those of you who become subscribers will get access to early and also got a free headquarters located in Nar Shadaa for 1.5 million credits ( in-game currency ) .

Expansion this time does not seem to add too much activity , but I was pretty impressed by that Bioware decided to provide this update . During this expansion added to SWTOR quite varied and unique , which the previous expansion adding PVP feature that previous spacecraft continuously held by the players .

With the expansion Galactic Strongholds will be many more variations of activities you can do , and also the longer the time that you will use to ” finish ” the game . Galactic Stronghold expansion will be officially released in August 2014 , while the customers who pay $ 15 per month will get early access starting from the end of June until the end of July .

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