Strength pure F2P guide Step-by-step

Check my guide and see how to be the best pure in Runescape F2P.

1. Make an account. If you don’t know where go to

2. First go to Stronghold of Security, which is located in Barbarian Village. If you wan to get the “spiky boots” go to homepage and set some recovery questions, if u want the money don’t do anything. You will need some food, maybe 10 trouts or salmons because you will DIE down there without food. You need to find all chest and open them.


3. Do the same at Stronghold and you will receive 10k and 2 exp lamps (use both in strength)

4. After that, you should go to Grand Exchange and buy all scimitars up to adamant and buy full set of iron and if you still have cash buy an Amulet of Strength.

5. Then, go to lumbridge and start killing chickens and pick up feathers until level 20. I know is boring but you are going to make like 100k+ by selling the feathers at G.E.

6. Your next targets are cows. Kill them until you get level 30 strength. Don’t forget to pick up Cowhides and make trips to the bank in lumbridge.

7. Here you have two options:

A)Train Strength until 40 at Al-Kharid warriors

B)Do Vampire Slayer and Get 20 attack to able to use mithril scimitar.

8. Once you get 20 attack and 40 strength you should go to Minotaurs at Stronghold of Security. Train there until you reach level 50 strength hand 30 attack. Now wield your Adamant Scimitar.

9. Congratulations, now you have 30 attack and 50 strength and around 40hp+. If u wanna keep training just kill Minotaurs until level 40attack and 60 strenght and don’t forget to pick up the iron arrows because they sell fast in G.E.

10. Now, you have the skills to be the best F2P strenght pure. Next Step: Flesh Crawlers Train at Fleshies until 70 strenght.

Good Luck PKING and forget to never safe and rush.

Always say GF when you die and ask to fight.

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