Super Mario Bros 2: Top 10 Game Genie Codes

A top to list of the best Game Genie codes for Super Mario Bros. two.

Here is my top 10 list of the best and most fun Genie codes to use in Super Mario Bros. 2

10# SXUASXOU: Gives the player the ability to pick things up quicker.

9# AEXALGZA: This codes gives the enemies super speed.

8# YAEXTPGE: This code make the boss Clawgrip a lot stronger.

7# AEUEKKGL: This codes gives all playable characters the squat jump (high jump). 

6# YAVXVGGE: This code makes the boss Fryguy a lot stronger. 

5#GOEANKAO+USEEEKKA: This code make all playable characters walk backwards.

4#XVVANSZK+XVNEXSZV: This code give all playavle characters turbo movement.

3# YAXXIYZE: This code makes the boss Tryclyde a lot stronger.

2# SZNESXVK: This code gives all playable characters infinite lives.

1# AAEEZGPA: This code give Luigi mega jumps (definitely the best code as you can pretty much jump through and skip parts of the stages) :D  

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